8020 JS: Dive deep into JavaScript.

Dive deep into the most misunderstood concepts of JavaScript. From execution context to callbacks and closures. Understand JavaScript like never before.
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What Will You Get From This Book?

Here are just a few to name benifits you will get from this book. This book is written with beginners in mind, but developers of all levels will find it useful.

Confusing JS concepts explained with visual examples.

Understand how JS works under the hood.

Object oriented programming paradigm.

Execution context, callstack, callbacks, and closures

Understand what are modules and how to work with them.

Alogrithms in JavaScript with visual examples.

What's Included

  • 1: JS loose equality vs strict eqality check.
  • 2: Diff b/w for...of and for...in loop.
  • 3: Working with modules in JS.
  • 4: Understanding callback functions and closures in JS.
  • 5: How JS works behind the scene - Execution context and callstack.
  • 6: OOP paradigm in JavaScript.
  • 7: Algorithms in JS with visual examples.

Who This Book Is For

This book teaches you the deep underlying principles of JS. This book is written with beginners in mind, but developers of all levels will find it useful. This book is for you if:

You are a beginner

You are a beginner and want to understand the deep underlying concepts of JavaScript.

You are not confident

You know some JS, But don't feel confident in what you know. This book will boost your confidence.

You want to explore

Maybe you just want to explore the world of JS. And want to know if this is something for you or not.

You want to understand how JS works

So, you already know how to get things done with JS. Then this book will teach you the underlying priciples of JS concepts.

A Word From The Author

Hello, I am Swastik, A full-stack software engineer. This book is the result of all my learnings, and a lot of sleepless nights. This is the JS book I wish existed when I was learning JavaScript.

After going through the entire book, if you feel that you didn't find any value in it, just send me an email at 8020lessons@gmail.com. And I will refund your money. No questions asked.

Thank You!