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#1 Benefit

I know learning JavaScript can be frustrating.

When I was first learning JavaScript, It was very overwhelming for me.

There are so many concepts at play, and some concepts even made me pull my hair off.

But now that I understand JavaScript, I know how one should approach learning it. I wish I learned it this way.

#2 Benefit

There are many subtle concepts in JavaScript.

When you know these subtle concepts, it feels like no big deal.

But when you don’t, you feel the ant in the elephant’s ear.

So if you don’t want to be that elephant learn these subtle concepts.

SwastikYadav from 8020Lessons
#3 Benefit

Objects in JS are like monkeys.

You must have heard the story of nakalchi-bandar (monkey who mimics).

Well JS objects are not very different, they mimic their reference. I know this sounds very strange.

You see, copying an object in JavaScript will drive you crazy if you don't understand this concept of copy by value vs copy by reference.

SwastikYadav from 8020Lessons
#4 Benefit

Discover your favorite Aha! moment in JavaScript.

There are many Aha! moments in JavaScript, but my favourite is the difference b/w double equal (==) and triple equal (===).

I always use to wonder if both are to check equality then why have 2 diff versions?

And when I understood the difference, I had an Aha! moment.

SwastikYadav from 8020Lessons
#5 Benefit

Sugar-coated Modern JavaScript.

We are living in the information age, where technology is improving at an unimaginable pace.

And so is JavaScript. Every year ECMA script releases some new specifications and features to the language.

Out of which a major release was ES6. It introduced many layers to the language to make it easier to work with.

Write Modern JavaScript with ES6.

SwastikYadav from 8020Lessons
#6 Benefit

Event-Driven Programming.

Every user action on a web page is an event for instance: click event, scroll event, mouse hover event, and so on...

And knowing how to handle these events is very crucial as a JavaScript developer.

Learn Event-Driven Programming.

SwastikYadav from 8020Lessons
#7 Benefit

Promises are made to be broken.

Promise is precisely what the name suggests. You requested something and JavaScript makes a promise to update you on the status of your request.

Promises are used to handle async actions in JavaScript.

If JS is single-threaded then how is it asynchronous?

SwastikYadav from 8020Lessons
#8 Benefit

Face your worst JavaScript Nightmare.

If there is any JS topic that gave me nightmares in my learning phase then it is closures.

I had such a hard time wrapping my head around this concept of closures.

But you need not worry, because 8020JS eBook, will make you master the concept of closures.

SwastikYadav from 8020Lessons
#9 Benefit

WTF! Why no one taught this about JavaScript?

I have taken many free and paid JS courses, but no one ever taught me about how JavaScript works behind the scene.

I am talking about stuff like execution context, call stack, micro, and macro task queue.

Understanding these concepts will give you an unfair advantage over other JS developers.

SwastikYadav from 8020Lessons
#10 Benefit


Object-oriented programming is one of the dominant paradigms in JavaScript.

In your journey as a web developer, you will surely encounter code written with OOP concepts.

It simply is techniques and methodologies to create and work with objects. Everything in JavaScript is an object.

For example “Swastik” is a string, but to find its length I can do this “Swastik”.length.

Now, you see how cool that is.

SwastikYadav from 8020Lessons
#11 Benefit

Targeted solutions for your job interview.

Unravel the most misunderstood and weird concepts of JavaScript with this Ebook and get a leg up on your competition in the job market.

With 20+ most frequently asked JavaScript interview questions, you'll know what to expect.

SwastikYadav from 8020Lessons
#12 Benefit

Discover the Algorithmic secrets of JavaScript

You know JavaScript is a powerful language, but did you know it's also an excellent tool for learning algorithm design?

In this book, you'll learn how to solve common algorithms like sorting and searching, just by reading and understanding code.

SwastikYadav from 8020Lessons
Master JS Now!

Course Modules

1.1The JS Paradigm
1.2Primitive Data Types
1.3Variables and Scoping
2.1Truthy and Falsy values
2.2The only 6 falsy values
3.1Copy by value
3.2Copy by reference
4.1The pitfall with shallow copy
4.2The deep cloning
5.1The strict equality (===)
5.2The loose equality (==)
6.1for...of loop
6.2for...in loop
7.1Arrow Functions
7.2Destructuring Assignment
7.3Rest and Spread operator
7.4Template Literal
8.1Listening to an event
8.2Remove an event listener
8.3Event Propagation
8.4Event Delegation
9.1Promises are made to be broken
9.2Implement your own fetch method with promise and XMLHttpRequest
10.1What is a module
10.2Export and Import, Name export, Default export, Rename export
11.1Higher order function
11.3Closures and an expection in closure
12.1Execution Context
12.2Declaration Phase
12.3Execution Phase
12.5Let's get you Hoisted
13.1Factory way of creating object
13.2Prototypal way of creating object
13.3Pseudo Classical pattern of creating objects
13.4Classes: Inheritance || super keyword || static method || private and protected properties
13.5Understanding the "this" keyword
14.1Understanding Big O Notation
14.2What is algorithm and why to care?
14.4Linear search algorithm
14.5Binary search algorithm
14.6Naive search algorithm
14.7Bubble sort algorithm
14.8Merge sort algorithm
14.9Quick sort algorithm
->Most frequently asked JS interview questions and solutions

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Master JS Now!
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