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Course Modules

1.1The JS Paradigm
1.2Primitive Data Types
1.3Variables and Scoping
2.1Truthy and Falsy values
2.2The only 6 falsy values
3.1Copy by value
3.2Copy by reference
4.1The pitfall with shallow copy
4.2The deep cloning
5.1The strict equality (===)
5.2The loose equality (==)
6.1for...of loop loop
7.1Arrow Functions
7.2Destructuring Assignment
7.3Rest and Spread operator
7.4Template Literal
8.1Listening to an event
8.2Remove an event listener
8.3Event Propagation
8.4Event Delegation
9.1Promises are made to be broken
9.2Implement your own fetch method with promise and XMLHttpRequest
10.1What is a module
10.2Export and Import, Name export, Default export, Rename export
11.1Higher order function
11.3Closures and an expection in closure
12.1Execution Context
12.2Declaration Phase
12.3Execution Phase
12.5Let's get you Hoisted
13.1Factory way of creating object
13.2Prototypal way of creating object
13.3Pseudo Classical pattern of creating objects
13.4Classes: Inheritance || super keyword || static method || private and protected properties
13.5Understanding the "this" keyword
14.1Understanding Big O Notation
14.2What is algorithm and why to care?
14.4Linear search algorithm
14.5Binary search algorithm
14.6Naive search algorithm
14.7Bubble sort algorithm
14.8Merge sort algorithm
14.9Quick sort algorithm
->Most frequently asked JS interview questions and solutions
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8020JS ebook teaches every bit of the JS concepts perfectly, just few minutes of reading and the exercise makes you learn. Its truly the right way to learn JavaScript..!

Rahul Diwakar

If you are a begineer in JavaScript, then this is the ebook you need. The concepts are so well written and explained with visual examples, that anyone can understand them.

Rakesh Baghel

Highly recommended to revise your JS knowledge. While working with other programming languages my JS skills started to fade away. But this book made me fall in love with JS again.

Prasanth Chaduvula

This ebook is exactly what it is named. It teaches the 20% concepts which can help you achieve 80% of the results in day to day Js programming.

Avinash Panda

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Excellent Ebook! I have studied JS from a lot of resources but this book gave me exactly what I needed. Made me understand the deep underlying concepts of JS.

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Hello, I am Swastik, A full-stack software engineer with 3+ years of experience. This book is the result of all my learnings, and a lot of sleepless nights. This is the book I wish existed when I was learning JavaScript.

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Learn JavaScript like never before.

7 days money back guarantee • No question asked

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